Our team

In our hotel, a team of close to 50 men and women is working hard every day to ensure the bathrooms are sparkling clean and the rooms provided with fresh flowers. They help to organize taxis, bicycles and theatre tickets, they are familiar with the most interesting addresses for shopping and restaurants for dining, and can recommend the most scenic walks in and around Munich. They will assist and support you in the countless small and large matters that make life simpler and more pleasant.

And they are loyal to us: on average, employees at the Prinzregent remain with us for five years, from apprentices right up to directors. We are proud of this record, as this duration of employment is far longer than the average in the hotel industry, which is characterized by frequent fluctuations. This means that on your next visit you are likely to be greeted by a friendly smile on a familiar face!

Christian Biermann

General Manager

Christian Biermann | Hotel Prinzregent München-Riem

Alexandra Radwan

Portrait Direktorin Alexandra Radwan Hotel Prinzregent

Yvonne Skora

Business Development Manager

Jasmin Hentschel

Project Manager Sales & Marketing

Katharina Moser

Front Office & Reservations Manager

Stellv. Empfangs- & Reservierungsleiterin Kahtarina Grünwald | Hotel Prinzregent München-Riem

Sarah Pastau

Event Manager

Anatol Voss

Assistant F&B Manager

Portrait Barchef/Stellv. Restaurantleiter Anatol Voss Hotel Prinzregent

Sean Uhl

F&B Supervisor

Brunnenhof Tracht München Restaurant

Adrian Spengler

Porträt Chef de Bar Herr Spengler

Christian Kerber

Human Resources Manager

Phillip Schwierz

Deputy Housekeeping Manager  

Mitarbeiter Hotel Prinzregent Housekeeping

Karin Goderbauer

Finance Manager

Buchhaltung Hotel Prinzregent München

Jochen Popp

Portrait Küchenchef Jochen Popp Hotel Prinzregent

Eduardo Pazienza

Facility Manager

Haustechniker Eduardo Pazienza | Hotel Prinzregent München-Riem