Teambild Hotel Prinzregent

it's great that you are with us

Welcome to our Prinzregent family.

We wish you a relaxed and beautiful stay in our hotel.
If there is anything else you need, we are always here for you.


Our reception team is there for you from 6.30 am to 11 pm and would be pleased if you come by personally.
If you would like to reach us by phone at the above times, please use a WhatsApp call to +49 162 2541 452 or the
landline number +49 89 945 39 513.

Please take your room card with you when you leave the house.
You will need it after 11 pm around the door the main entrance and enter the house.

our restaurant – gasthaus der ­biermann

Hotel Prinzregent in München Stueberl

Our cordial hosts, the Bavarian food and the special flair of our gastronomy are widely appreciated.
Above all our home-brewed beer which has given the restaurant its name.
A table reservation is therefore absolutely recommended.
You can do this online here, or simply directly at the Gasthaus and at the reception.

how to stay with us – the book for information


You will find a small guide for your time with us on your bedside table.
The Prinzregent-Reader is not waiting for you with fairy tales, but with a lot of useful and helpful information.
Browse a little - it is worth it.

come as a guest - go as a friend


Participating in the Prinzregent life without being here is easy.
Become a fan of our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram. Play it safe – do both!
We don't want to get lost, do we?
And when we are tagged, we are especially happy! @hotelprinzregent and @gasthausbiermann